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Tonka Water
  • Gravity Filters
  • Pressure Filters
  • Ion Exchange
  • Packaged Surface Water Treatment
  • VOC Towers
  • Aerators
  • SIMUL-WASH – Optimum Filter Backwashing
  • HELI-CONE – Up-Flow Solids Contact Clarifier
Tonka Water

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Tonka Water over the years has been able to foresee what potential problems a water plant may encounter; and have made many changes in how products are made and manufactured over the years to supply customers with the best solutions and the lowest amount of maintenance required.

Tonka Water has installed thousands of individually designed water treatment systems for municipalities across North America. Tonka’s water treatment expertise has also found effective applications in tertiary water filtration, environmental remediation, and industrial process projects. Tonka Water, prides itself on timely, responsive customer service. Constantly monitor their progress against deadlines and striving to improve responsiveness. This philosophy of operations, which permeates their organization, is directed at meeting customer needs.

All system components are checked and then shipped to job-sites, ready for installation by the installing contractor.

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