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Fiberglass Fabricators
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Fiberglass Fabricators

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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic ( FRP ) is most often referred to simply as “fiberglass” in practice (as in fiberglass tanks, fiberglass grating, fiberglass structural shapes, etc.). Used in this context fiberglass or FRP is a composite consisting of a plastic resin matrix reinforced by embedded glass fibers. The strength of an FRP part is determined primarily by the type, orientation, quantity, and location of the glass fibers within the part.

Standing out among the materials used in water and wastewater facilities, FRP is a cost-effective and lightweight material with a greater strength to weight ratio than steel. It can be molded into complex, colorful, one piece designs with exceptional uniformity, dimensional accuracy and stability. FRP has an excellent corrosion resistance as well as high impact strength. It is unaffected by frequent temperature variations and is highly resistant to extremes of heat or cold. FRP is easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance or down time, reducing its long term costs compared to other materials. Furthermore, our products are easy to install as the structural members are cut to length and match-marked, if not pre-assembled.

While there are many companies that manufacture and sell FRP products, not all fiberglass is created equal. The fiberglass laminates manufactured by FFI are engineered based on the job-specific loading conditions and chemical environment.  Our products are designed to meet or exceed ASCE standards. Our FRP covers are designed to be fully walk-able and to handle all environmental loading conditions based on ASCE standards. The materials used in our fabrications are produced by the hand lay-up process, vacuum infusion, light RTM and/or pultrusion.

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